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Single Galochki opens the album Me, Mother. This song is a part of a wedding ceremony, it tells the story of a girl named Gannochka, who cries before the wedding. She does not want to get married.

The musical idea of ​​this track consists of low sounds that describe the fear of the new and the sadness for the past. This track has a sticky longing, grief mood, unwillingness to accept a new status, but nothing lasts forever! Generally life is both the happiness and the horror of being at the same time. Like in this song the mood changes from a mournful grief to acceptance, even to a certain enlightenment and joy from the fact that life will no longer be the same. At the end of the track there is a children's rhyme, which turned out from a heavy wedding song. "Leceli galochki j u try radochki." This song can be played with kids.


released October 1, 2019

Vocals: Rusia, Nadzeja Chuhunova
Sound production, arrangement, composing: Alexis Scorpio
Cover art: Alena Khodor, Alexander Goluziy



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Ezhevika Minsk, Belarus

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Track Name: Galochki
«Лецелі галочкі й у тры радочкі», вясельная. Запiсана ў в. Казлы, Горацкі р-н, Магілёўская вобл.

Лецелі галочкі й у тры радочкі,
Зезюля й поперад[у].

Й усе галочкі по лугах селі,
Зезюля й – на калін[у].

Й а ўсе галочкі зашчэбеталі,
Зязюля й закува[ла].

Ішлі дзевочкі й у тры радочкі,
Ганночка й поперад[у].

Й усе дзявочкі по лаўках селі,
Ганночка й – на посад.

Й усе дзявочкі песні запелі,
Ганночка й заплакал[а].

– Ой, чого сядзіш да й чого плачэш,
Молодая Ганноч[ка],

Ох, чы жаль тобе татка родного
Чы подвор’ечка ёг[о]?

– Ох, не жаль мене татка родного,
Шчэ й подвор’ечка ёг[о],

Только жаль мене русое косы,
Шчэ й дзевочае крас[ы].