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antrru is an one-man project by Saint-Petersburg-based artists Anton Kiltsov. Originally he is coming from a small Russian town Sortavala which lies near to Finland.

Basic instruments are guitar, voice and keys. Preference is given to analog equipment, synthesizers, vintage guitar gadgets. In antrru’s music you can also find vinyl samples and field recordings. Utterly EP is a result of collaboration with a singer-songwriter Lena Linkevich.

When compiling his material, Anton picks songs with different sound and mood, and unites them with one conception. “I like when an album is many-sided. I’m sure this is how one's own handwriting is being achieved. And it's just the way I like to work most”.


released December 16, 2015

Ezhevika Label

Music composed and performed by Anton Kiltsov (antrru).
Lyrics written by Lena Linkevich.
Tracks 1, 3 feature Lena Linkevich on vocals.

Cover design by Alexandra Perova.

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Ezhevika Minsk, Belarus

Record label based in Minsk, Belarus. We focus on highly skilled underground art.

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Track Name: Analyst (feat. Lena Linkevich)
I am stupid,
I only shout,
I only moan and cry so loud,
Let me in
With all my passion,
Give me love without a question.

You the best analyst in the world
But you didn't recognize the simple hunger,
You stay cold you stay cold
While I am burning burning under thunderstorm

Burning burning
Inside my dear,
Hardly I can call out myself,
But my granny says it's ok,
It is only possible way.

You the best analyst in the world
But you didn't recognize the simple hunger,
You stay cold you stay cold
While I am burning burning under thunderstorm.
Track Name: Destiny!
And your fingers(’re) cold and soft
And your skin is white as snow…
“Hold your destiny! Hold your destiny!”
-I said (to myself)

(And) when you’ve got stuck in my mind
As much as I’ve stopped eat and sleep
“Hold your destiny! Hold your destiny!”
-I shout

How you gonna change the things
Clouds are heavier then lead
“Hold your destiny! Hold your destiny!”
-I cry

So it’s better stop it now
Fledglings’(re) leaving parent’s nest
Let you destiny let your destiny
To fly
Track Name: Utterly (feat. Lena Linkevich)
Last time you saw me
You were looking at me
Like I was an egg.
Green grass and leaves
Were covering
Were covering your neck.
Teardrops were biting
Were biting hard
Were biting hard your face.
It’s cruel cloud I’ve imagined
And here we gonna dance.

And you are so far
And your mouth is not mine.

Utterly destroying
It’s happening
It’s happening so fast.
Angel wings are spoilt
And the end is crushed.
Left for me – just morning
And gathering
Just gathering the splits.
Never never boring
But not mine
Bot not mine – just greeds.

And you are so far
And your mouth is not mine
Track Name: Perfect Light
When the days are forcing you to fight
With all these storms and rains of people’s souls
I close my eyes and see the perfect light
As though you came again to me this night.

Came, and all the flowers burst in blow
– your face is like a moon
Came, and all the papers flied up to
– the ceiling you’re my girl
This was going on and on in quiet room.
Perfect light was filling up my mind.