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To Live In Clouds

by Fujee

Follow Me 03:47
City of mute concrete and glass Lots of miles in future and past And she said, never hope Time all the same won't stop And if you want... Just follow me Just follow me Just follow me Our skill to lie with open eyes And we ceased to look at sunrise She said, just take your time We stand still on one line
You can just draw circles on fields, if you want You can pass all secret doors and take away all gold And you can look at the stars, but not believe in fate You can do something essential Stand on, on the right way You can hide or get into headlines of the news You can follow a silent crowd or have your point of view You can fly up high, but be an almost lonely man
Now I lie here in the garden of salvation and meditations And I need to count the best ways of my withdrawal to the safe destination My life's on fire Life in the shadow, I'm a target now Easy money, loose and careless life, desire to write the fate out But the prudent plan was doomed to crash, this deception of joyride opened too late
You want to hope, that this last place So many miles and days were 'rased This travel was such a complex test You are so tired, you need a rest This way to your home, through the night To own streets, acquaintance City lights And you have seen big City life You wanted to taste, you tried to strive Your dreams dissolved, and you broke down You've got the best place is your town
You didn't understand me, but you never wished We are not so strong to go nearby I'm under your pressure and doubtful theories But the Universe will adsorb our thin lie We're alone But we see our signs Free and lone On the different sides You didn't try to think of reciprocity I didn't ask that we'd leave together And planets aren't always built on one line of fate But the Universe will dissolve our bother Lonely angel and me are going round the destiny
The Racer 03:53
When you still were a youthful boy You loved so speed and motor noise You had a fond dream to run races But all round didn’t believe in your choice Speed it up and don't look back And now you are a racer. New race, and thousands of audience Big games, you must retain confidence The start, the cloud of dust has risen Time passed, adrenaline, and sole chance Speed it up and don't look back You must outstrip your rivals on a racing track Speed it up and don't look back You must outstrip your rivals…
Your road runs by sandy barrows And reaches the skyline Heat here rules You slowly go by trackless desert And ruthless sun blinds your weary eyes How many times you wander You have no time to ponder I don’t want to surrender You leave behind one longer mile Hot sand erases Your lonely tracks Your reason doesn't stand one more wile mirage deceives you Your strength is out
Saving Ark 05:20
I have always lived on the other side And you left your wakes away I've never wanted to say goodbye forever We liked to look at the lights in the sky together They appear just as phantoms Through the space. They are so far 'n' close We don't know who they are and where they're from Why they leave strange signs on fields Maybe they are with us, how long have they been on the planet? Now the word "existence" makes other sense, with high bet. Are you sure now, that it's still we? With our reason and reality Light your candles In the dark Time to build up our "saving ark"
Light through thin glass Feel, I sleep Words were a dust It's my quip I won't destroy my promises But time frees I won't belong To my doubts I know it's wrong To live in clouds I won't destroy my promises But time frees My destination is the sky I can fly




released July 25, 2017

We are glad to present the second album of Fujee. The band was founded in 2011 in Vologda (Russia) and started their career with funk music. During the last years Fujee released a debut album, collaborated with a popular Ukrainian electronic artist Maneken and came to a more experimental sound. Their new album To Live In Clouds is a fusion of melancholic melodies and dance music, accompanied by subtle vocals melting in synth and guitar sounds.

Album To Live In Clouds is dedicated to DJO, a close friend of band members. He has passed but stayed in their hearts forever.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Aerorecords Studio (Vologda).
Cover art by Denis Zhouravlev.

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