The Light of Random Star

by Thorn1



Hailing from Barnaul in Siberia, Thorn1 is Evgeny Zheyda. Source recordings of acoustic guitars are manipulated into epic walls & pencil taps on a desk become amazing drums, all recorded on a handheld voice recorder instead of with microphones, a trick learned in youth when no better equipment was available. The music mixes lo-fi-pop & post rock & dub for his own take on drone pop. While post rock & experimental hip hop & folk scenes are healthy in the Russian music underground, blending them together puts Thorn1 in both its own unique category & a no man’s land without other bands to play shows with nor a musical scene with the same aesthetic within a thousand miles.

The Light of Random Star showcases the creativity that can come out of the isolation. “Clearly and Consciously” really showcases everything drone pop is about - lo-fi whispers, reverbed reverse
guitars, & a broken heart turning into a victorious anthem. “Vortex Gravity” mixes drone with minimalist dance music. “Heat Death of the Universe” brings in the walls of blissout guitar drone that feels like a warm blanket that you could lie in for hours. This album has everything to offer for folks looking for a blend of electronic, drone, & shoegaze.

Press-release by Brian John Mitchell (Silber Records).


released September 4, 2014

Music, lyrics, vocals, performing, design, mixing and all stuff by Evgeny Zheyda.

Label: Ezhevika


all rights reserved



Ezhevika Minsk, Belarus

We focus on highly skilled underground art.

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Track Name: Relict
For my dreams I hold my life
For wishes I behold my light
The truth at the end of time
Losing faith, losing faith
Track Name: Clearly and Consciously

for all of you who disappear
stars are set in motion again
and touches of our hands
are in the journey through space and time

I still did not understand,
What it was. I feel like there's no time.
time is nothing. space is nothing.
eternity turns to blink
Of the moonlight on the sea
Half without light, half brighter bright
i am nothing

clearly and consciously
the light of random star
reflection in your eyes
Track Name: It's Easy To See, You Drift Away

it's easy to see, you drift away
by reflection
and my shadow for that stars
it's easy to see

Since the train accident you know there's nothing left
Just alcoholics and promise of oblivion
Still I got to try to resist this substance abuse

To prove to jesus christ how much I love her
To prove to jesus christ how much I miss her
Track Name: We Are Drowned, But We Do Not Exist

I am a sun
I am a sun
I am a sun

and i can keep you off these tears
it's truth

I am a sun
I am a sun
I am a sun
Track Name: The Color of Your Eyes

only the skies are always the same
they changes every moment of time
the light is falling upon your face
last time, last time

falling, i'm falling
and flow my tears
can you shoot them for misery
i calling
and maybe i died
but my consciousness is denied

you become my life
how strange now everything is there
and distance to what i am
is distance to your hand

when skies changes from blue
to the color of your eyes
Track Name: Fractal Trees

snow in a mirror
so close
fractal trees
pillars of light
Track Name: Я Узнал об Этом Последним (Голландский Штурвал Cover)

конькобежец целует любимую девушку, получив бронзовую медаль
энтони кидис кормил раненого пеликана, когда на море отдыхал
вова проснулся от того, что роме девушка делала хэнджоб
на 25 кадре порнухи объяснено, что такое любовь

каждый вечер меня встречает саша грей и безымянная деревенская леди
я вижу сны под музыку стонов влюбленных соседей
а моя возлюбленная познала гениталии всех моих друзей
но они настолько любили меня, что я узнал об этом последним

когда-то было собрание всех самок вселенной
и они избирали проститутку своим президентом
я потерял себя, отдав свое эго какой-то женщине
в любви равенства нет. преимущество у того, кто любит меньше