Beautiful Disaster

by Stone Scissors Paper



Ezhevika Label presents debut EP-album by Nizhny Novgorod-based duo Stone Scissors Paper. These are two people: bass guitarist / DJ / professional sound designer Yuri Balanov & guitarist / electronic artist Alexander Chirkov. The first one is willing to embody his ideas which don’t suit his main project – rapcore band called 7000$. The second one is fascinated by the idea of emotional expression in music which he simultaneously discovers in his solo IDM-project.

To create music, the two artists use guitars (acoustic, bass- and electro) as well as keys, vinyl turntable, different sequencers and sampler Akai MPC. The duo is open for collaborations: in opening track “Doin It”, you can hear voice of a South African vocalist Yami Mzumara.

“Initially we intended to make some trip-hop”, says Alexander. “But what we’ve got now is kind of a second cousin of hip-hop, grandson of acid jazz and adoptee of house”, adds Yuri.


released November 24, 2015

Ezhevika Label

Jury Balanov – bass, turntables, programming
Alexander Chirkov – guitar, keys, programming
Featuring Yami Mzumara on vocals (1)

Mixing & Mastering:
Tommaso Antico – Flat 25 Studio (London, UK)

Photo – Elena Balanova
Cover design – Alexander Goluziy

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